Sankalp My Business App is the Ledger book for all the small and medium businesses and shop keepers.

About Us

Sankalp My Business App is the Ledger book for all the small and medium businesses and shop keepers, It allows you to maintain all the records of received and paid transactions made by you, it tracks inventory, product purchased from suppliers, stock/Inventory, product sold, total profit/loss, Customers details, Debts on me, Debts on customers, Total expenses, and send invoices to the customers, a complete business control on your finger tips in a very simple and friendly manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the digital platform to all the business from the pan shops to small & medium enterprises to manage their business records and accounts, and this is the only reason why Sankalp App is affordable, easy, and simple to use so that any business owner could use it by their own.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see all the businesses in India even which are running on the streets will be using Sankalp App for managing their business records and accounts.

Core Value

Our core value is to increase the employment to the people of india through our agency distribution model, and give them a complete support just like a family of Sankalp Ventures


Industry We Support

Digital World Now a days people are being technology savvy, Means, every customer would like to have everything on their finger tips (Smart Phones), so the only reason why any business stands in the market is just because they are satisfying their customer’s needs and stay connected with them, but there are so many businesses which are unable to get the right digital platform as of now which is ultimately causing them problems, because they are unable to provide the digital services to their customers in this tech savvy world which lead their customers dissatisfaction.

So this application helps all those businesses to have that platform and give their customers a proper satisfaction by getting their businesses digital.

  • Whole Sellers
  • Retailer
  • General Stores
  • Kirana Stores
  • Agencies/Distributors
  • Medicals Stores
  • Stationeries
  • Contractor(All Types)
  • Disposable's Shops
  • Grocery Stores
  • Electronics Shops
  • Clothing's shops
  • Boutiques
  • Toys Stores
  • Beauty and Health Care Stores
  • Bakeries
  • Tiles Agencies/Showrooms
  • Sanitary Shops/Showrooms
  • Dairies
  • Poultry Shops(Egg/Chicken
  • Pan Shops
  • Fish Market
  • Mutton Shops
  • Vegetable Vendors
  • Flowers Shops
  • Shoes Shop
  • Mobile Shops
  • Auto Part Shops
  • Crockery Stores/Ware Houses


Easy and Simple interface

Sankalp App let you have a total control on your business accountancy part and it’s as easy as using register & pen, you can track the record of the single penny moves in your business

No Accounting knowledge required

Manage your finance by your own no accounting knowledge is required to use this app.

Available in Hind

It supports both Hindi and English Languages.

Multiple user access

you can collaborate with your employees or Manager and accountants by giving them the authority simultaneously to manage your finance.

Track Sales Record

It maintains the record of every single sale that has been made by your shop and you can also track the sales of the individual product by its name and category wise.

Track Profit/Loss

It tracks the record of your complete business and provides you the exact figures, and makes you updated whether your business is in profit or loss.

Send Digital Invoices

Now no need of purchasing billing machine or paper rolls, make your city green by providing the invoices through E-channels like direct text messages, whatsApp, Email etc and keep the E-records of all the invoices.



Behind The Story

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  • Multi Accounts
  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Billings
  • Updates
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  • Data Sync
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  • If I change my device or buy new device, do I need to buy the subscription again?
    No, you can easily transfer your subscription to device. Just make sure to take backup of all your data.
    • Download Sankalp My Business App on new device and restore your backup.
    • Open Sankalp My Business App in your new device it will ask you to Login with your registered unique id and password.
    • And again you will be able to use all your old data in your new device.
  • What if I lost my device or device crashed, How can I retrieve my data?
    All your data is stored locally on your phone only. We strongly recommend taking backup daily/weekly. You can take back up on email or memory card. We have also provided option for Auto Sync, which take care of everything on its own. You can retrieve your data, if you have taken back up or enabled Auto Sync.
  • I was using Sankalp My Business App on my device which I got lost recently, My entire data was stored in my device, will be able to recover my data by any means?
    There are two ways to recover your data:
    1. If you have enabled Auto Sync earlier, you can retrieve all your data by enabling Auto Sync again.
    2. If you have taken back up on email or memory card, you can recover it.
  • Does the App support online accounting from a web browser?
    No, Sankalp My Business App doesn’t support accounting from a web browser. You have to install the app on your mobile to manage your accounts.
  • I want to upgrade my plan what should I do?
    For upgrading your plan, you can upgrade it from within the Sankalp My Business App or you can upgrade it on our website.
  • How do I make a bill to my customer?
    • Click on the New order button on the main screen
    • Select the product that your customer wants
    • And click on the proceed to order button
    • And fill all the detail given over there including client information
    • And click on the submit & get invoice button
    • The bill/invoice will be sent to the customers phone number which you have entered into the client info section

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